About me

portrait-2007-222_250bElena Abessinova was born in 1959 into a gifted family in Kiev, Ukraine. The future artist’s grandmother, a survivor of Stalin’s repressions, was instrumental in protecting and educating her own children and passing down to her granddaughter the spirit and character of her aristocratic origin. Inspired by this multi-faceted creative milieu, Elena completed studies in both music and art.

She specialized in graph­ic design and book illustration.

A collaboration with a Swiss publisher and further work in Switzerland strengthened the artist’s independent spirit and helped in making a name for herself in various genres of figurative art.

Elena Abessinova is a master of painting and drawing using pen and a fine brush. She has a fondness for elaborate narrative compositions which, although drawn in painstaking detail, seem like elegant improv­isations filled with a wealth of chromatic tonalities. The result is an intense poetic sensibility in her art.

She has participated in many International Art Projects and Fairs in the Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Ger­many, Italy, England, Norway, and the USA.