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Artist interest in Norwegian photo archives of the Secession era has inspired Elena Abessinova for a painting picture NORWEGIAN NIGHT DREAMS. Marked by the artist’s fine sense of humor, this work is a pageant of advertising and shopwindow decoration celebrating national priorities such as multi-child families, family albums, hot sausages, and sheep.

INTEGRATION illustrates my dream about STAVANGER (Norway). The vision unfolds against the backdrop of colorful wooden houses lining the harbor of the port of Stavanger. Three Viking ships and three humanfigurs dominate the scene. CHARLES DICKENS is sailing into the harbor with a stack of books; many pubs in Norway are named after him. Holding Stavanger’s cathedral church (the country’s oldest) in his hand, the founder of Protestantism MARTIN LUTHER from his famous portrait by Lucas Cranach the Elder stands for the Norwegians’ prevailing religious denomination. Celsius’ thermometer in his armpit reminds us about a discovery made by Luther’s compatriot. By that I wanted to note that the temperature of a religion defines the nation’s temperament and world outlook. On board the third ship, THIS ARTIST is sailing in the company of Vikings and Burger Kings. I am in the process of integration into the Norwegian culture, only my path to the hearts of the Norwegians does not lie through their stomachs, as is the case with the Burgers. The man with the fish – a visible of canned sardines produced by Chr.Bjelland &Co – has become a symbol of the cannery and its Museum of Hermetic Sealing in Stavanger, the world’s one of its kind. The jewelry store (which also has an interesting story to tell) invites us in with its gold hands.